In the fall of 2001, Don Briggs, Univeristy of Northern Iowa professor and Cedar Falls resident, was helping a friend till his farmland.  While driving back and forth across the field, a distant line of silos caught his eye.  Being an avid rock and ice climber, Briggs wondered how he could successfully climb the silos.  Though his initial idea was to rock climb the infamous stuctures, Briggs ultimately decided to attempt to ice climb them. After receiving permission to ice the silos, he began researching how to rig hoses in order to make ice when the weather turned cold.




Briggs has now perfected a system to ice the silos for maximum climbing potential after eight seasons of silo ice climbing.  Each year brings new climbers who quickly become masters of the silo.




"Silo Ice Climbing"

By Don Briggs

For sale at the facility  $15.00